hi assalamualaikum wbt :)
how do you do all of stalkers
i am good conditions alhamdulilah :) thank you to all of you because concern about me
its really touch hahaha okey today i'm gonna to introduce to you 
about my future husband insyaAllah one day may allah ease and bless everything
because i love him so much and we start plan our future together
he's the only man who could stand by my side no matter what happen insyaAllah
cume buat waktu sekarang kami mengejar cita-cita
i hope you love me because allah
we reach our goals first eh sayang
yes your not the first but i hope and always mention your name in my doa
promise me you will spent for the rest of your life to take care of me and our child
i love u 
yess u i love u

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